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Hally Labels, Label printer in Australia and New Zealand, Self adhesive label printer, Auckland, Bri

Label prepress experts

All of the labels we print are optimised by our expert in-house label prepress team to ensure you get the highest quality print result for your products.





Hally Labels colloboration




We can work together with your marketing and design teams to maximise results and minimise costs.



Hally Labels adjustments

Artwork adjustments


We can make adjustments to your supplied files, such as copy revisions, line extensions and colour amendments.





Hally Labels colour correction


Colour correction


The colours on your images will be adjusted for optimal print results.



Hally Labels file prep

File preparation


Your artwork files will be prepped to be print-ready by trapping, setting overprints, screening and creating separations.





Hally Labels quality consistency


Quality consistency


We will provide you with process and quality consistency through high-end prepress software and workflow automation.



Hally Labels preflight



Final checks to ensure your artwork files are print ready and in line with print specifications.





Hally Labels online prepress system


Online prepress system


Our WebCenter tool is an online system that allows for the seamless management of prepress specifications, the approval process and the life cycle of your labels.



Hally Labels profiled proofing

Press profiled proofing


Our colour proofing system ensures your labels will be printed with colour consistency and accuracy.





Hally Labels plate technology


Plate technology


We use the latest flexo plate technology, allowing us to print your labels with sharp detail and superior quality.





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