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Sustainable labels

We offer a comprehensive selection of sustainable label materials, for a wide range of applications. Biodegradable, recycled content, compostable and chain of custody certified labels are just a few among the many environmentally friendly label options in our range.


Perfect for environmentally friendly brands and companies looking to fulfil environmental sustainability commitments, many of the materials also offer unique appearances to ensure brand visibility.



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Forest Stewardship Council®

(FSC®) chain of custody certified materials


We have a range of paper label materials that are FSC certified. FSC promotes and sets standards for responsible forest management, and by choosing FSC certified products, you are helping to protect forests for future generations.



Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification™

(PEFC™) chain of custody certified materials


We have a range of paper label materials that are chain of custody certified by PEFC. Choosing a PEFC certified material ensures you are supporting responsibly managed forests.



Recycled content materials


We offer a range of materials made with recycled content, from a bright white, 100% recycled content paper through to our Natural Kraft material. Natural Kraft is an unbleached, brown-coloured recycled content paper with a natural, crafty appearance. It has a rustic and earthy look which is very on trend.



Hally Labels PCW   Hally Labels renewable       Hally Labels lightweight


Materials containing post-consumer waste


Kona is a textured, natural looking paper, made from a blend of repurposed coffee bean bag fiber combined with post-consumer waste material.


TerraSkin is an innovative paper material, made from ground down waste limestone and offcuts used in the building industry. This material has a unique texture and feel and is water resistant, strong and durable.



Materials made from renewable resources


Tree Free is a white paper, made from a combination of bamboo, bagasse and cotton linters.


Sugarcane material is a bright, white, textured paper created from natural, fibre-based sugarcane waste that is easily broken down into pulp.



Lightweighted materials


We offer a range of materials that have been reduced in weight and/or thickness. By reducing the amount of material in a label whilst remaining fit for purpose, we can have a strong impact on the environment.



Hally Labels biodegradable   Hally Labels digital        


Compostable and biodegradable


NatureFlex is a film made from renewable wood pulp sourced from managed plantations. Available in clear and white, the material is biodegradable and compostable.



Digital printing


Digital printing allows us to print only what you need, with minimal set up and waste compared to conventional printing and no plates required. This minimises inventory obsolescence and provides you the flexibility and responsiveness for change.









At Hally Labels our innovative range is always growing. Get in touch with us to chat about how our latest sustainable solutions will best suit your labels.





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