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As the experts in innovative labelling solutions, Hally Labels have developed a number of specialty label solutions over the years.




Metal detectable excalibur tag


We have developed a unique, direct thermal tag that is metal detectable and capable of withstanding high temperatures. Ideal for meat processing and food production, this customisable tag allows for full identification during processing without the risk of remaining on the final product via its metal detectable properties.

 Hally Labels metal tags



Ovenable label


We have a range of heat resistant label and tag products which can be variably printed and can withstand a range of temperatures over periods of time.





Self Adhesive Shrink


S.A.S is a self-adhesive shrink label for premium bag presentation. S.A.S is applied flat to plastic shrink bags and will shrink at the same rate as the bag. It has been designed for applications such as vacuum packaged meat, poultry and cheese, and ensures a premium, wrinkle-free finish that contours to the product shape.

 Hally Labels SAS logo






An innovative solution for perishable food products, which offers improved presentation and differentiation. This pressure sensitive board solution allows for top, side and base labelling of tray packs, for increased communication space, premium presentation, increased shelf appeal, and higher retail margins.

 Hally Labels P3 logo






A unique dual layer label that allows for double the information, with a unique adhesive, which allows the consumer to peel and reseal the label multiple times. This solution is perfect for adding recipes, promotions and brand stories to your label.

 Hally Labels DUALabel logo






Labels that record the DNA information of the livestock by simply swabbing an animal via a specifically impregnated label, helping to improve animal breeding programs, herd management & traceability. easiTrace™ won the 2007 Gold Award for Industry Development at Pride in Print.

 Hally Labels Easi Trace logo






A solution that was developed to easily and effectively remove labels from reusable plastic delivery storage crates and tubs, eliminating label residue and contamination. H2Off® won the 2007 Gold Award for Industry Development at Pride in Print.

 Hally Labels H2Off logo




Registration labels


A functional construction of layers created to perform a fit for purpose task in a unique environment, suitable for vehicle registration, parking permits and oil change windscreen labels.







We manufacture a range of labels that are designed to work in difficult environments and on difficult surfaces. These are typically customised solutions, examples include: chemical drum labels, textiles identification, safety glass decal, aluminium ingots labels and other industrial products.








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