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Hally Labels, Label printer in Australia and New Zealand, Self adhesive label printer, Auckland, Bri

Our history


Hally Labels is a leading label printer with an innovative and passionate culture and a 50 year history in the printing and labelling industry.


1965 – Hally Press was established


Hally Press was established in Auckland by Ian and Pam Hally in 1965.




1970 - Hally Press began to grow


Hally Press purchased its first reel fed self-adhesive printing press and moved into bigger premises in Nugent Street, Auckland.


1982 – Identity Digital was established


As Hally Press grew, design and prepress were considered to be an important component of the printing process and Identity Digital was established in 1982.




1985 – Lingard Label Co. was established


In 1985 a subsidiary, Lingard Label Co., was formed in Christchurch, specialising in the supermarket weigh price market, the meat industry and general food labelling.


1990 - Hally Press expanded its footprint


Hally Press's continued growth led to the design and construction of a purpose built manufacturing plant in Hannigan Drive, Auckland.




1998 – Lingard Label Co. expanded to Brisbane


In 1998 Lingard set up a site in Brisbane to be more competitive and to better serve its existing Australian customers, through a local manufacturing base.


2002 – Hally Press and Lingard Label Co. merged to form Hally Labels


In 2002 Hally Press and Lingard Label Co. were merged into an Australasian business, Hally Labels. Merging the two companies allowed us to be more efficient and to better serve our customers.




2006 – Our first digital press was installed


Our first HP Indigo digital press was installed.


2008 – Buckner Group was acquired


In 2008 Hally Labels acquired the label division of the Buckner Group, in order to expand further in the Australian market.




2011 – Our second digital press was installed


Our second HP Indigo digital press was installed.


2013 – AC Labels majority shareholding was acquired


In 2013 Hally Labels acquired a majority shareholding in AC Labels, a Sydney based label manufacturer established in 1974. AC Labels was one of the first in Australia to invest in digital printing technology in 2004.




2015 - Focusing on the future


In 2015, Hally Labels was acquired by Hexagon Holdings, a privately owned specialist label holding company.


2016 – Our brand is refreshed


After 50 years in business, it was time for Hally Labels to have a brand refresh.





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